Conservatives #GetInvolved – SIGN UP

IMG_2966Patchwork is delighted to be working with Conservative Party MPs to launch our #GetInvovled programme.
This year our host will be one of Patchwork’s greatest supporters, Sir Lynton Crosby AO; the mastermind campaign director who guided the Conservative party to victory in 2015.

We invite you to join us!
To register your attendance or join the programme, please complete this form:

What is #GetInvolved? 
If you’re new to #GetInvolved, here’s what it’s all about: we encourage under-represented, minority groups and youth to get involved with the Conservative party by canvassing in an environment where they will be able to explore and understand national, local and their own personal view on politics.

You will learn about the party, politics in general and the grass roots work of politicians in small scale interactive sessions with MP’s in their constituencies. Project #GetInvolved has seen over 2,000 people from underrepresented and minority groups canvas, campaign and telephone bank in the last general election and London Mayoral election. The programme will be relaunching this year with the aim of giving attendees a supportive environment and safe space to consider their political thoughts and ideas.

You are invited to hear from our guest of honour and Patron; Sir Lynton Crosby AO, who will be providing insight into the real world of politics through his vast experience. The event will also highlight what you can expect from the programme as well as the opportunity to network with other like-minded people.

When: 7:30 pm, Tuesday 28th February
Location: Near London Bridge (Location will be provided on confirmation of attendance)

Please complete this short form if you would like to attend. We ask that you complete the form by 17th February to attend the Launch.

We look forward to you getting involved!

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