Liberal Democrats Conference 2017 – #GetInvolved


For the 4th Year, Patchwork took a group of young people (18 – 30 years old) to Conference as part of our Party Conference Programme. The programme provides delegates with a bespoke experience of conference, including; free tickets to conference, Masterclass sessions with senior Party officials and special preparation and information to provide the best experience possible and make politics accessible to all.

Conference can be a daunting prospect with thousands of people in one space, including; of Party members, politicians, journalists and external organisations. Patchwork uses conferences as an opportunity to bring down barriers for young people from deprived communities and teaches them how they can be involved and active members of our democracy.

At Liberal Democrats Conference 2017, the delegation had a masterclass with Jo Swinson MP. Following the leader’s speech on the final day, Patchworkers were lucky enough to meet senior Liberal Democrats including; Baroness Sal Brinton and Sir Ed Davey MP 

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See what Jo Swinson MP had to say after her sessions with Patchworkers at conference:

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