‘Patchwork’ – Union Jack Flag

The Patchwork Foundation aims to promote and encourage the positive integration of under-represented, deprived and minority communities into British political society. 

Patchwork is a craft that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design.

The various communities in Britain are a diverse mosaic of people from different cultures, faiths, ethnicities and social backgrounds. Once they are ‘sewed’ together, these diverse communities contribute in a cohesive manner to the multifaceted whole.

The Patchwork Foundation seeks to facilitate a positive interaction for under-represented, deprived and minority communities communities in British society, empowering citizens to play a role in the social and political arenas.

“Patchwork’s mission is to support a more engaged and inclusive society through promoting and encouraging the participation of under-represented groups in the political sphere.” 

The Patchwork Foundation is not affiliated to any political party and does not promote a particular political view. It does however work on the promotion of mainstream political participation and works with the main political parties to support this agenda.

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